Beware of Windows 7 SP1 and iTunes

Several reports have surface and we have confirmed with our PC's here as well that iTunes freezes after Windows 7 SP1 has been installed. This occurs if you open iTunes by connecting and iPhone or iPod after you install Windows 7 SP1. If you open iTunes by itself or do not connect an iPhone or iPod it works normally.

Another anomally is that the iPhone or iPod never shows up in iTunes so you cannot synchronize the device. According to at least one post Apple is aware of the problem and they recommend not installing Windows 7 SP1 until a fix has been posted.


Make your PC fly, get it with Microsoft Signature

Microsoft has finally taken things into their own hands and is now making sure that the user experience that you get when you buy a Windows 7 PC is the best possible experience. You have to thank Apple for this change but ultimately it is the end user who reaps the benefits.

Microsoft Signature

Now you can buy a PC online through the Microsoft Store or in one of their retail brick-and-mortar stores (sorry not yet in South Florida) that is sold with their Signature services. This service basically cleans your PC from unnecessary trail-ware, utilities like resource hogging and sometimes conflicting anti-viruses software and other software that may rob you from an optimized user experience. This not only means Microsoft Software either, you can optimize your PC for Apple's iTunes for example. The Signature services makes sure that you get your PC the way you want it regardless of who manufactures the software. Microsoft has finally woken up to the fact that Apple was beating the pants on them with the great user experience that Apple provides to their customer when they buy a PC. The service varies in prices but it is very affordable and is only available through their store.

Microsoft Signature Service


The Ultimate Guide for Apple's FaceTime

We ran into a very good guide on how ot use FaceTime on a variety of devices (iPod Touch, iPhone, Mac). This guide goes into detail as how to setup all the aboce devices specially some of the not so obvious ones like the iPod Touch (since it does not have a phone app how do oyu call out).


The Complete Guide to FaceTime: Set-up, Use, and Troubleshooting Problems


What does the ip address shortage mean to me?

Lately we have been hearing a lot on the looming issue of IP address shortage. Even though this is true it is far from an apocalyptic event and for most day to day operations will have no effect whatsoever.

What is happening?

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) which is the governing body of names and number on the internet on February 3rd, 2011 announced that they have completely depleted their current allocation of IP v4 addresses. What this means is that new number are not available from ICANN. This DOES NOT MEAN that any existing numbers will cease to work. On the contrary all existing numbers will continue to work without issues.

Furthermore a lot of existing ISP and regionals providers (Europe, North America, Asia, etc.) still have addresses to allocate. This only means that if ISP's or Reginal authorities wanted MORE addresses they would not be able to get them.

What will happen now?

In simple terms nothing out of the ordinary. There is a new proposed standard called IP v6 that has over 340 undecillion (or 3.4 x 1038). This will be implemented in the next few years and all will be well. The persons in charge of your IT may need to make some changes to your router to accomodate the new IP v6 standard.

Call us or contact us if you have any questions.



How to properly uninstall your Mac apps

How many times have you tried to uninstall a Mac app only to then learn that the app has left several "orphaned" files behind littering your hard drive. Unlike the Windows platform the Mac does not have a true uninstall utilitiy.

Some of the Mac apps are "bundled" which are easy to uninstall by simply dragging the App to the Trash can, however there are "unbundeled" apps that may leave several files all over your hard drive. Delete an unbundled app only uninstalls the main app but does not delete all the other files installed by the application. Good applications will have some sort of uninstall app (e.g. Microsoft Office) but there are many that do not.

A couple of good (and free) ones for Mac are AppCleaner and AppTrap . We like them both and they are easy to use.

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