Google "Me too"

Google offers an excellent alternative to Microsoft Online Services with their Google Apps service. And in some instances the service is free! To find more about it click here.


Want to save money on E-mail, do it the Microsoft Way.

Most small business want an e-mail solution that gives them the flexibility of having, their contacts, calendar, to-do lists, notes as well as e-mail in one central location. They also value the ability to share their information between office members, much in the way that an executive may want to share his e-mail with his assistant. With the addition of mobile platforms, like iOS (Apple), Blackberry (RIM) and Android (Google), it added another level of complexity to the whole enchilada. In the past this meant setting up an in-house mail solution that would be maintained by in-house staff or by an outside consultant. The cost of the solution made it a bitter pill to swallow. 

Not anymore, Microsoft has introduced the Microsoft Online Services that allows businesses of any size to have a full blown mail system that has built in support for mobile platforms and has all the benefits of a full blown solution without any of the burden. Microsoft takes care of all the hardware, software and maintenance. You take care of all the benefits. To see more go to Microsoft Online Services.

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