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Office 365 is a powerful e-mail and data sharing platform that enables enterprises of any size to share information quickly and efficiently.

By default, Office 365 user passwords are set to expire on a regular basis (every 90 days). When your password expires you are notified at sign-in. When you create a new password use the following guidelines:


  • Use 8 to 16 characters
  • Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Use at least one number or symbol
  • Do not use spaces, tabs, or line breaks
  • Do not use your user name (the part of your Microsoft Online Services ID before the @ symbol)


If you forget your password, you must request a password reset by using our Support Request form. Our system administrators will provide you with a new temporary password to use the next time you sign in.

The procedure below will show you how to change your Office 365 password. 


  1. Open up Internet Explorer (the recommended browser) to https://portal.microsoftonline.com. This will take you to the Office 365 customer portal.

  2. Enter the portal with your existing credentials. The credentials will consist of your full e-mail and your current password. Once you are in you will see the Home screen.
  3. In the Office 365 portal Home screen, in the top right corner near your name, click My profile.

  4. On the My profile page, click Change password.

  5. On the Change password page, type your old password, a new password, and then retype the new password to confirm it.

  6.  Click Submit

Your password is now changed. If we configured Outlook to send e-mail from 2 different addresses (a primary and a secondary) you will need to change the password in Outlook as well. This only applies to customers that have requested the ability to SEND OUT from more than one address (you can RECEIVE IN from multiple addresses without needed to change your password). The procedure below shows you how to do this.


  1. Open Outlook 2010 if it is not already opened and select the File menu.

  2.  Under the Account Settings button select Account Settings.

  3.  This will bring up the Account settings screen.

  4. Select the secondary SEND OUT account this will be the POP/SMTP account. Once you have selected click Change...

  5. The Change Account screen will appear. Under the Logon Information change the Password to the newly changed password.

  6. Click Next, a test will be run and if all is good you will see a succesful test like below. When done click Close.

  7. The Congratulations screen will appear you can then click Finish. 

This finishes this procedure.




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