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This procedure will guide you through the steps necessary to change your password when using our CompuTrain Virtual Servers (CompuTrain VServers).

By policy the password on all user accounts on the VServers is set to expire every 180 days. The system will start asking you about 15 days prior to your expiration date to change your password. You can change your password at any time. All passwords must meet the following requirements.


  • The password must be 6 characters or more.
  • The password cannot be one of your previous 24 passwords.
  • The password cannot contain any 2 characters together and in the same order as one of the previous 24 passwords. (e.g. if your old password was Neumann your new password cannot be Laurann, you have "ann" in the 5th, 6th and 7th position on both passwords).
  • Passwords must not contain the user's entire username (e.g. kggklopez) value or entire  Full Name (e.g. Kate Lopez) value. Both checks are not case sensitive.

    - The username is checked in its entirety only to determine whether it is part of the password. If the username is less than three characters long, this check is skipped.

    - The Full Name is parsed (split) for delimiters: commas, periods, dashes or hyphens, underscores, spaces, pound signs, and tabs. If any of these delimiters are found, the Full Name is split and all parsed sections (tokens) are confirmed not to be included in the password. Tokens that are less than three characters in length are ignored, and substrings of the tokens are not checked. For example, the name "Erin M. Hagens" is split into three tokens: "Erin," "M," and "Hagens." Because the second token is only one character long, it is ignored. Therefore, this user could not have a password that included either "erin" or "hagens" as a substring anywhere in the password.

Passwords must contain characters from three of the following five categories:

  • The password must contain one UPPERCASE character. (A through Z, e.g. mYpass)
  • The password must contain one lowercase character.  (a through z)
  • The password must contain one number (base 10 digits 0 through 9)
  •  Nonalphanumeric characters: ~!@#$%^&*_-+=`|\(){}[]:;"'<>,.?/
  • Any Unicode character that is categorized as an alphabetic character but is not uppercase or lowercase. This includes Unicode characters from Asian languages.


  1. After you have logged into your VServer session press the Ctrl-Alt-End (it is extrememly important that your press Ctrl-Alt-End on your keyboard not the usual Ctrl-Alt-Del, if you press Ctrl-Alt-Del you will get the Local security screen not the terminal server's security screen) keyboard combination. This will bring the security screen on your session's screen.

  2. From the security screen select "Change a password". This will bring up the following screen.

  3. Enter your current password (Old password) , followed by your new password 2 times. Once you have entered the information click on the Enter arrow.

  4.  If you are succesful you will receive confirmation.

This concludes this procedure




Last updated on June 3, 2011 by CompuTrain User