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There are a couple of ways to change your password for Microsoft Online Services (MOS). This procedure will detail both methods. With the new Office 365 password policy has been strengthened and now requre that you change your password every 90 days. Also the new password must meet the following requirements:


  • Has to be between 8 and 16 characters.
  • Has to contain and UPPERCASE character (e.g. mYpass876)
  • Has to contain a lowercase character (e.g. mYpass876)
  • Has to contain a number or non-alphanumeric character (e.g. mYpass87 or mYpass$%)
  • Cannot be one of your previous 24 passwords.
  • Passwords can no longer contain Unicode characters, including those used in languages currently supported by Unicode exclusively. Only the following characters are allowed for Office 365 passwords:
    A-Z, a-z, 0-9, ! @ # $ % ^ & * - _ + = [ ] { } | \ : ' , . ? / ` ~ " < > ( ) ;


Changing your password with the Microsoft Online Services Sign-In application.


  1. 1. If your password is expired the MOS Sign-In application will already ask you to change your password automatically. If you want to pre-emptively change your password open the Microsoft Sign-In application by double clicking the MOS Sign-in icon.

  2. When the MOS Sign-In Application appears sign in with your current credentials. If the password has expired the MOS Sign-in application will ask you to change your password. If you want to change it before it expires click on the Options tab and then click on the Change password link.

  3.  The MOS Sign-in application will ask you to enter your Old password and then type your new password twice. Once you do this click on the Save button. 
    Note: If your system administrator just reset your password, the Old password is the temporary password that was just given to you NOT the old password before it was reset. 

  4.  If your password meets the minimum password requirements the system will log you in. If this is the first time you have logged in the MOS Sign-in application will proceed to configure your applications.


Changing your password using the Microsoft Online Services Home page.


  1. Open Internet Explorer and go to https://home.microsoftonline.com

  2. On the page click on the Link that says "Go directly to My Company Portal".

  3. Enter your credentials on the login screen.

  4. If this is the first time that you have logged into the Customer Portal or if the system administrator just reset your password you will automatically be asked to change your password. If not click on the top right corner of the Portal screen where it says "Change password". After you do that you will see the following screen. Enter your current password, followed by your new password two times.

  5. If you are succesful your password will now be changed.

This concludes this procedure.




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