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This procedure will go through the steps necessary to download, install and configure the Microsoft Online Services Sign-In application. This utility is a required component to use Microsoft Online Services. There is both a Windows and a Mac version.


  1. Start by downloading the Microsoft Online Services (MOS) Sign-in application for Windows version here. You can download the Mac version here.
  2. Once downloaded go ahead and install. Follow the normal installation process for your operating system. The procedure on Windows may require several pre-requisites which will be installed automatically. You may need to reboot your computer, do so if necessary.
  3. Upon restart the MOS Sign-in application will automatically start. On a Mac the screen will look like this:

    The Windows version looks like this:
  4. After the MOS Sign application loads enter your credentials (which should have been sent on an earlier e-mail). If this is the first time that you have logged in you will be asked to change your password. You will not be allowed to continue if you do not change your password.
  5. After login in the MOS Sign-in application will ask you if you want to configure Outlook (for Windows) and Entourage (for Mac). Allow the configuration to take place.
  6. Once the MOS Sign-in application has configured your respective e-mail clients they will load. The first time that they load it may take a few minutes for all your e-mail messages to appear. This is especially true if there is a large amount of data on your mailbox. Future loads should be faster.

This concludes this procedure.


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