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This procedure shows you how to enable remote printing when connected to a computer that is running LogMeIn Pro. Keep in mind that remote printing is not available with the LogMeIn Free subscription.


  1. Before you connect to the remote computer check that your local default printer is on and working. We recommend that you print something just to make sure that it is working properly. Your local default printer will become your remote printer once your are connected via LogMeIn.

  2. Connect to your remote computer by via the LogMein web site or by using LogMeIn Ignition.

  3. Once connected simply open your regular applications and print to them, your default printer will appear as "your printer name via LogMeIn". An example of this is shown below.

  4. If your default printer is not set or if you want to change the printer that you want to print to (e.g. if you have more than one). Click on the LogMeIn Ribbon (toolbar) that is on top of your Remote Session and select Options.

  5.  From the Ribbon select Remote printing and then click on the printer that you want to print to. When you return to your remote computer you will be able to select that printer to print remotely.


This concludes this procedure




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