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Microsoft Office 365 can be configured with a variety of e-mail clients to pick up and send your e-mail. The following video will show you how to find out your POP, IMAP or SMTP server settings so that you can configure any of your clients.



  1. Start by login into the Office 365 portal at https://portal.microsoftonline.com. You will need your credentials for doing this. It is important to note that you should login with the credentials of the user that you want to send or receive e-mail (via POP, IMAP or SMTP) as the server names may vary depending on each user. 

  2.  Once logged into the portal click on the Inbox Link or on the Outlook Link. For detailed instruction on how to logon to the Outlook Web Access portal click here

  3. Once there follow this video to help you get your server settings.


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