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Office 365 uses a shared environment for your organization's mailboxes. This basically means that each organization that uses Office 365 may use a different server that hosts their mailboxes. CompuTrain does not know what the server name for your organization is. This tasks needs to be followed by each user to determine their server name.


  1. The first thing to do is to login to https://portal.microsoftonline.com and verify that your credentials are working. If you have the incorrect credentials you will not be able to setup your phone.

  2. Once you logged on to the Office 365 Portal click on Outlook at the top part of your screen or Inbox under the Outlook heading. This will also register your account (if needed), you may be aksed to set your time zone and display type (this will only happen the very first time that you are loging in to Outlook Web Access from this computer).
  3.  Once in Outlook Web Access click on the question mark on the OWA Web toolbar and then select about.
  4. This will open the about page for your mailbox. Use the following to find your server name.
    • If you are going to setup your phone using a POP, IMAP and SMTP configuration (this should only be used for older phones that cannot use ActiveSync), scroll down until you find the section that says External POP setting, External IMAP setting and External SMTP setting. You will see your server names under that section.
      Please note that your server name may vary this is just an example 
    • If you are going to setup your phone using Exchange ActiveSync (the recommended method for iPhones, Android based phones and Windows Mobile based phones) then your server name will be as follows.  If the External POP Settings > Server name value is in the format podxxxxx.outlook.com, your Exchange ActiveSync server name is m.outlook.com.

      In some cases, Android mobile devices may experience connection problems using m.outlook.com as the server name. If you are having problems connecting, go to the Host address line on the About page. Use the value shown under Host address for the Exchange ActiveSync server name in your device. Only use the server name, for example in the picture below your server name will by2prd0810.outlook.com (you do not use the prefix https:// or the suffix /owa). 

This ends this procedure.


Last updated on July 9, 2012 by CompuTrain User