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This instruction set will show you how to login to the CompuTrain E-mail Archive (CEA) for the first time. All CAE users will have access to their own e-mail and if you are an archive administrator you will also have access to all your domain's e-mail (e-discovery).

You will receive an e-mail from CompuTrain welcoming you to the CompuTrain E-Mail Archive (CEA) service. This e-mail contains the URL, user ID and temporary password so that you can login into the archive.


  1. Open the link to the URL that was received in the e-mail welcoming you to the CompuTrain E-Mail Archive. You will see a page similar to the one below.

  2. Enter the credentials provie to you on the Welcome e-mail and then press Login. You will then be asked to change your temporary password to a permanent one.

  3.  Your password must contain at least one UPPERCASE letter one lowercase letter and one number and ti has to be longer than 8 characters in length. Go ahead and enter your new password twice and the press Change my password. You will then be taken into the e-mail archive Dashboard.
  4. The CEA Dashboard is the first screen that you will see. This is shown below.



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