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This procedure will help you get your photos taken with your Blackberry into your computer. The procedure was done on a Windows XP computer but will work on Windows Vista and Windows 7.


  1. Connect your Blackberry device to the computer with the appropriate cables. This may open the Blackberry Desktop Software. If the Blackberry Desktop Software does not open automatically please manually open the Blackberry Desktop Software. The Blackberry Desktop Software (BDS) is needed to transfer photos from the Blackberry device to your computer.

  2.  Select under the Media Sync section of the BDS Pictures

  3. You should see on the right pane of the BDS all of the pictures that are now stored in your device. By default the BDS will import your picture to the My Pictures\Blackberry folder but you can change this location by clicking on the Change Import Folder button and select the appropriate folder.

  4. If all the settings are correct click on the Import button on the lower right hand side of your BDS screen. If you are succesful all your pictures will now be imported into the My Pictures\Blackberry folder and you will get a confirmation.

Below is a Video procedure

This concludes this procedure.




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