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Unfortunately the iPhone does not provide a quick or easy method to sync pictures from the iPhone's Camera Roll to your computer (syncing from the computer to the iPhone is quite easy and is accomplished via iTunes). The procedure below (in our example it was done using the Windows OS and Windows Explorer but this can be accomplished on a Mac OS via the Finder).

  1. Connect your iPhone to the computer, depending on your setup this may or may not start iTunes automatically. For this procedure iTunes is not needed you can keep iTunes open or you can close it if you want. We have seen incidents in which the iPhone may not appear. If this is the case simply disconnect your iPhone and reconnect it a 2nd time.
  2. Open Windows Explorer on your computer and look for your iPhone on the left pane of the Windows Explorer window. 

  3. From here it is simply a matter of opening the iPhone by clicking on it you will see the Internal Storage on your right pane.
  4. Then double click the Internal Storage icon and continue opening folders until you see your pictures. Once you find them all you need to do is either copy them or move them to any location on our computer. After you open Internal Storage you will see 2 other folders one called DCIM and the other will vary by name. Below are pictures of the folders.

    The folder above may be named differently on your computer.

I have also included a short video that goes over the procedure.



This concludes this procedure.

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