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One common question that we have deals with duplicate items in Outlook. These duplicates can be the effect of POP3 mailboxes or any other symptom. Unfortunately Outlook does not ahve a built in method of lceaning duplicates but we found a great little tool to do this for free. The tools is called Outlook Duplicate Item Remover (ODIR) and you can get it at:


This tool will work with any version of Outlook 2000-2010 but only on 32 bit versions (which really means it will not work on Outlook 2010 64 bit).

The install is pretty stright forward and after you are done you will get a menu item in Outlook that says ODIR.

Once you select the only available option "Remove Duplicate Items" The  ODIR winodw appears.

From here all you ahve to do is select the folder that you want to check for duplicates and click on the button that says Remove duplicate items. The system then goes and checks for duplicates and moves the duplicates to a folder underneath the current folder called "ODIR_Duplicate_Items"


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