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The following procedure will show you how to restart the spooler service in Windows XP.


  1. Make sure that you are logged in with an account that has local administrative rights.

  2. Once logged in go to Start, Settings Control Panel

  3. This will open up the Windows XP Control Panel. From the Control Panel select Administrative Tools.


  4. From the Administrative Tools select Services.

  5. This will open the Services window. Scroll down until you find the Print Spooler service. Notice that the Print Spooler service' status is empty, this means that the service is currently not running.

  6. Making sure that the Print Spooler service is still selected, go to the top of the services window and from the Tool Bar select the Start button. This will start the service.

  7. After this is done you will notice that the Status now says Started.

  8. You can now close all windows.


This concludes this procedure


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