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Sharepoint Lists are web pages in your Sharepoint installation. They can be one of many types (Calendars, Announcements, Discussion Boards, Blogs, Contacts, Tasks, etc.) Many of the List type can be added to your Outlook program (Calendar, Contacts, Tasks) so that you can see the List right from within Outlook. The process below will help you to connect the list with Outlook. This process is similar for all lists so we will concentrate on this exercise on how to connect to a Calendar List.



  1. Start by opening Internet Explorer (it is important to use IE for this process, it is also important that you have configured your Office 365 desktops already).

  2. Go to the Office 365 portal at https://portal.microsoftonline.com

  3. Enter your cedentials and login to the Portal you will get the the following page, from here go ahead and select Team Site as shown below.

  4. This will open your Sharepoint Web site. On the left you will see the available Lists on your Sharepoint site. Select the Calendar.

  5. This will open the calendar on the top of the screen under Calendar Tools select Calendar.

  6. Once selected this will open up the Calendar Tools Ribbon, from there select Connect to Outlook.

  7.  Internet Explorer will open a pop-up Windows similar to the one below, go ahead and click OK.

  8.  You will get a 2nd confirmation, click Allow.

  9.  This will open Outlook (if it is not already open) and you will get a third prompt, this time from Outlook asking you if you want to connect this list to Outlook. Say Yes.

  10. After a little while your calendar will appear in Outlook. If you go to the Calendar section in Outlook it will appear under Other Calendars, select the check mark to see the calendar side by side with your other calendars. 



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