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This procedure will show you how to upload files using Dropbox to a shared folder. The Dropbox services is a cloud sharing system that allows you to share large files with other users. You can use a web interface or use the Dropbox software on your personal computer (Windows, Unix, Mac). Unfortunately the software cannot be installed on our Online Servers (vServers). This is due to the fact that the Dropbox software was not made to run on a Multi-user environment. However, as mentioned before, you can get the majority of the functionality by using the Dropbox web interface.

  1. Within your terminal server (vServer) environment open the link to the shared folder. This will open
    up Internet Explorer and take you to the Dropbox web site.
  2. Enter your credentials for your Dropbox account and click on Log in button. This will bring you the the Shared folder. 
  3. At this point you are ready to Upload your file simply click on the Upload button.
  4. This will open up the Upload dialogue (if you have problems showing the uploader dialogue, click on the link that says Try the basic uploader.
  5. This will open teh basic lialogue that will allow you to browse to the file that you want to upload.
  6. Click the Browse button and then search for the file that you want to upload. Once you have selected the file click open
  7. This will put the name of the file and its path on the Upload dialogue from there simply press the Upload file button. Please note that it is important to make sure that no other users are currently using the files that you wish to upload since this will prevent the upload from happening.

This concludes this procedure.






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