CompuTrain is a national technology consulting company. Incorporated in Florida, USA it a leader in consulting services and a national player in the small and medium business consulting arena. As of 2010 the company consults in all areas of IT with a commitment to unbiased recommendations and a true commitment to keeping the customer's best interest at hand. CompuTrain's clients include some of the most influential schools, law firms, medical and accounting offices in Florida.

CompuTrain originated in 1989 as a training firm that trained several major companies in South Florida. The company created their own curriculum for most major business software packages like WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3. Their approach was always and instructor based learning environment in which the instructor was an expert in the subject matter. Many times the classes ended up in deep question and answer sessions in which the instructor helped develop strategies and solutions for the customer’s present problems. The company's origins are in a side consulting trip for DM Operations. DMO asked then founder of CompuTrain, Werner Vondrak to help them setup their computer system in their local Miami office. CompuTrain recommended hardware and software and made a lasting relationship with DMO that still stands today. 

CompuTrain then landed several lucrative training engagements with Coulter Electronics (now Coulter Beckman), Coca-Cola Enterprises, and Sonesta Beach Resorts. Form those early sessions many consulting engagements were formed. This was a natural progression as the trainers employed by CompuTrain were not only experts in their topics but many had come from a consulting background and had expertise in real-world scenarios that proved invaluable to our customers. From those early training sessions would come our very strong consulting background. One key aspect of CompuTrain philosophy was to have total transparency. Our customer knew exactly where our revenue came from and this is a key foundational philosophy today.

During the 1990’s CompuTrain became involved with the Internet in all aspects, from connectivity (installing some of the first routers in South Florida) to Web Design to communications (e-mail). In the late 1990 CompuTrain evolved to what it is today a small and medium business consulting firm.

Today CompuTrain stands as one of the most agile and forward thinking consulting firms in Florida. Still headed by Werner Vondrak it is constantly evolving and changing with the new technologies and changing economic challenges that are most important to our customers.