Office 365 Transition Center

This page will help you during the transition to Office 365. CompuTrain will manage all of the back-end components of the transition but as a user there are several things that you can expect during this transition. 

You will be contact by Microsoft Suppoprt several weeks prior to the transition and then Microsoft will contact you with a specific date of the transition. Transitions are always scheduled to start on Fridays and go throughout the weekend. CompuTrain will also get notified of these dates as we will receive the same messages from Microsoft.

Minimum Requirements:

Office 365 will requires the following minimum Operating systems:

  • Windows XP Service Pack 3
  • Windows Vista Service Pack 2
  • Windows 7 Service Pack 1
  • Mac OS X 10.5


You will also need the following browsers as a minimum:

  • Internet Explorer 8 or later
  • Firefox 5 or later
  • Chrome 6 or later
  • Safari 4 or later


Finally you will also need the following version of Office to connect to Office 365:

  • Microsoft Office 2010
  • Microsoft Office 2007 with Service Pack 2
  • Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 with Service Pack 1
  • Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac version 12.2.9



What to expect during the transition

You will receive an e-mail from Microsoft and confirmation from us about 7-10 days prior to the transition. It is critical that you change your password at this time and after changing your password you can login to the new Office 365 Portal ( Instructions on how to change your Microsoft Online passwords can be found here. CompuTrain will work with you to make sure that you can change your password and login to the new Office 365 portal. If this step is not accomplished you may have a service interruption during the transition.

Below is a video detailing what you can expect during the weekend of the transition.


Mobile Devices

In the video they mention a server address for your mobile devices. This address is:

If you have an iPhone, Windows Phone 7 or Google Android phone simply go to your mobile settings and change the old server address (e.g. with the new server address above. If you were changed your password prior to the transition and were able to login to then this is all you need to change. Your credentials will carry over to the new Office 365 system. For detailed instructions on the iPhone go to our How to setup your iPhone to work with Microsoft Online Services.

If you have a Blackberry device the change is a little more difficult but it is simple to accomplish.


  1. Go to your Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) provider's web site. For example in the US the BIS for AT&T is For Verizon it is

  2. Enter your credentials for the service and login.

  3. Select the account that you want to change setting from and select Edit.
  4. Once you are in the settings for the account that you want to change click on the Advanced Settings link at the top.
  5. On the Advanced Settings page change the Email server so that it reads, leave everything else the same and click Save.

Outlook Web Access

Remember that after your mailbox has been transition to Office 365 you can always send and receive e-mail at the Outlookw Web Access of Office 365 portal. The address for that protal is:


Office Applications (Outlook, Outlook for Mac and Mac Mail)


After you transition to Office 365 there is a little bit of housekeeping that will need to be done. The transition will automatically move your mailbox and re-configure Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010 for you. The following steps will most probably be done by our System Engineers if we have access to your laptop or desktop.


  1. If you are using Outlook during the transition you will receive a message that Outlook needs to restart. This is an indicator that your mailbox has been moved to Office 365. Simply close Outlook and restart again.

  2. After your mailbox has been transitioned to Office 365 the old Microsoft Sign-In application is no longer needed and should be un-installed. Simply go yo your control Panel and uninstall the Microsoft Sign In application. Restart your computer after the un-install has finished.

  3. Login to the new Office 365 portal at  Once there select the Downloads link on the right part of your screen.

  4.  Once there click on Setup and this will configure your Office apps.

  5. Simply click continue throughout the process. You may need to restart your computer after the install.



If you're running Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard, you can use the Mail program that's included with Snow Leopard to connect to your account without using IMAP or POP. As with Outlook for Mac 2011 and Entourage 2008, Web Services Edition, the steps for connecting to your account with Mac Mail for Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard only require you to enter your e-mail address and password.

How do I set up Outlook for Mac 2011?

  1. Open Outlook for Mac 2011. On the Tools menu, click Accounts. If this is the first account you're creating in Outlook 2011, under Add an Account, click Exchange Account.
    If you've previously created an e-mail account for a different e-mail address, in the lower-left corner of the Accounts dialog box, click +, and then click Exchange.
  2. On the Enter your Exchange account information page, type your e-mail address.
  3. Under Authentication, make sure User Name and Password is selected.
  4. In User name, type your complete e-mail address.
  5. Make sure Configure automatically is selected, and then click Add Account.
  6. After you click Add Account, Outlook will perform an online search to find your e-mail server settings. In the dialog box that asks you if you want to allow the server to configure your settings, select the Always use my response for this server check box, and then click Allow.
    If Outlook is able to set up your account, you'll see the account you set up in the left pane of the Accounts dialog box. Close the Accounts dialog box. If Outlook isn't able to set up your account, see "What else do I need to know?" later this topic.


How do I set up Entourage 2008, Web Services Edition access to my e-mail account?

  1. Install Entourage 2008, Web Services Edition. For more information, see the Entourage. Meet Exchange Web Services Web page.
  2. Open Entourage 2008. In the Entourage dialog box, under Select an identity, click New, type a name for your e-mail account, and then click OK.
  3. On the Welcome to Entourage page, make sure Start using Entourage without importing anything is selected. Click the right arrow button.
  4. On the Set Up a Mail Account page, in E-mail address, enter your full e-mail address, for example,
  5. Select the My account is on an Exchange server check box. Click the right arrow button.
  6. The Entourage Setup Assistant will try to automatically set up your account based on your e-mail address. If Entourage is redirected to the server to get your settings, click Always use my response for this server, and then click Allow.
  7. The Entourage Setup Assistant page will appear. Then you'll see the Configuring Account screen while Entourage tries to set up your account automatically.
  8. If you're prompted with a message that asks you if you want to allow <server name> to configure your settings, select Always use my response for this server, and then click Allow. The server name listed may be similar to
  9. If the Account Setup Incomplete message box appears, do one of the following:
    • Verify that your name and e-mail address are correct, type in the Exchange server box, and then click the right arrow button.
    • To enter or select a different account, click the left arrow button.
  10. In the Optional: Verify Settings dialog box, click Verify My Settings. Read the results of the verification process.
  11. In the Account Information dialog box, do the following:
    1. Make sure the Domain text box is blank.
    2. In the Account ID text box, enter your full e-mail address, for example,
    3. In the Password text box, enter your password. If you want to save your password, select the check box next to Save password in my Mac OS keychain. Click the right arrow button.


Set Up Mail for Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard access to your e-mail account

  1. Open Mail, and then do one of the following:
    • If you've never set up any e-mail accounts using Mail, the Welcome to Mail page will appear. Go to step 2.
    • If you've already created e-mail accounts using Mail, on the Mail menu, click Preferences. On the Accounts tab, click the plus sign (+) at the bottom of the navigation pane to open the Add Account window.
  2. In the Welcome to Mail or Add Account window:
    1. In the Full Name box, enter the name you want to display to people you send e-mail to.
    2. In the Email Address box, enter your primary e-mail address.
    3. In the Password box, enter the password for your e-mail account, and then click Continue.
    The Mail program will use the information you entered in the previous step to try to set up your e-mail account automatically.
  3. If the Mail program was able to set up your account automatically, in the Account Summary dialog box, under Also set up, select the additional options you want to set up for the account.
    • If you want to use the Address Book program that's included in Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard, select Address Book contacts.
    • If you want to use the iCal calendar program that's included in Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard, select iCal calendars.
    • After you've selected the options you want, Click Create.
  4. If the Mail program wasn't able to set up your account automatically, wait a few minutes or hours, and then repeat these steps. If Mail still isn't able to set up your account automatically, see the "What else do I need to know" section below.