Over the Air sync for iTunes

One of the most sought after features with iTunes is the ability to sync your media library over-the-air (OTA). Imagine getting to your home and having your iPod, iPhone or iPad automatically sync with your latest podcasts and/or music and media automatically.

Well... this is now available for the ... Android phone? Yep the android OS beat Apples iOS to the punch and this feature is now available with a Free app for the Android phone called Withme. Hopefully this will be available soon on the iOS platform but do not hold your breath.


Find Online Streaming Movies and TV now!

I found this nifty service that allows you to search for any available content for streaming. This searches not only Amazon, Netflix and Hulu but other more obscure sources to see if your movie or TV show is available online and ready for streaming.

If it find the stream there are links to get you there. This does not give you free movies (you still need to pay for the service that is offering the movie, like Netflix) but it allows you to have a central search engine to see if it is available.



Easy programming for your Kids and yourself

A very good site that allows you to learn how to program in Ruby. This site is geared for kids but anyone can learn how to program.


Ruby for Kids


Why we get fat

I just recently heard about a bookwhile hearing the Windows Weekly podcast with Paul Thurrote and Leo Laporte in which they talked about a book called "Why we get fat" by Gary Taubes. It peaked my curisoty and I read it a few weeks later.

The book has given me a better understanding of why we actually get fatter. It is a very interesting read on the current philosophies of calorie counting and why they do not work. Mr Taubes also delves deeper into the sicence of what makes our bodies fat and backs it up with solid scientific data. I recommend this book to anyone who want to get a better understanding of why we get fat.

Gary Taubes also has a very interesting presentation that he did at Dartmouth which I have included the first of seven presentations below.


Photoshop Basics

Again Lifehacker has an excellent series on the Basics of Photoshop. This is broken down in several videos. Enjoy!

The Basics of Photoshop #1, What does everything do


The Basics of Photoshop #2, Color, Touch-ups and Enhancements


The Basics of Photoshop #3, Drawing with the Pen Tool


The Basics of Photoshop #4, Designing a Web Site