Learn how to Code Part 1

Lifehacker has a new series on how to code on video.







Dead Spot on the Australian Tennis Open

I found this interesting. During one of the matches in the 2011 Australioan Open they found a dead spot in center court.


The Gear that I Use

Blogger Paul Thurrot gave me the idea of setting a page up with all the equipment that I use. This page will be updated periodically.

Since I started programming on a Commodore 64 and then moved up to an Amiga ST (sixteen bits yahoo!), followed with a sting on the Apple II and then the Mac and the PC, I have always enjoyed the challenge of making these incredible tools work in different ways. I am far removed from my programming days but I still love technology and the potential that it can bring to us all. 

Below is my current setup and part of the reasons that I use them.

Note: With the exception of some software, I've paid for all the commercial software I use and mention below. Unless noted, I paid for all of the hardware, software, and subscription services listed here, and I do pretty much recommend it all. This isn't an opportunity for me to sell you on some vendor's products (we have relationships with Microsoft, Apple, Dell, IBM, HP, and many others). This is what I really do use regularly.


My main computer and workhorse is a Lenovo T61p with a High Definition 15" display. I bought a Lenovo because at the time it gave me the best combination of features, accessories and warranties that I could get. The 15" form factor is really the biggest form factor that you can get in a laptop without it being too bulky and yet still have enough desktop real estate (virtual) that I can place a fair amount of open windows on the display. With that said I love to be at the office connected to my docking station and taking full advantage of the laptop's built-in display and the external Samsung 245BW 24" flat screen monitor.


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